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posted by Vancsó Péter
Nov 21

The main fields of our activities are: industrial and residential water treatment.
Due to the continuous industrial development more sophisticated technologies and complex systems are introduced. The heating, cooling and other water systems are using smaller cross-section tubes, heat-exchangers, which are more sensitive to any fouling, deposits and consequently an operational  failure may easily happen without paying much attention to proper countermeasures.
Great attention must be paid to the adequate quality of water in all devices since improper water quality could easily lead to scaling, corrosion and bacterial problems.  Repairing is a time-consuming and costly (e.g. production interruption, system shut down, frost-damages, accidents, etc…) activity and sometimes it is really difficult to fully eliminate the problem.

With almost two decades of expertise, using the highest quality water treatment chemicals from market leading companies – we are working to enable your trouble free operation in the long run.
We offer our water treatment services in a full package (chemistry-dosing/monitoring-human service).

Our priority is preserving our environment!
Accordingly we are participating in the development of ferrate technology, a new and environmental friendly water treatment method!

You can read more about Ferrate-technology on the below website.

In addition we do complex water analysis and also dealing with education on issues of water treatment management.

Should you have further question, please do not hesitate to contact us!